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At Rouje, we’ve been inspired by women since 2016. The ones we see everyday, the ones we spot on the street, on Instagram, or in vintage magazines. They are our sisters and mothers, our friends and grandmothers. A new take on femininity, sensual and not cliché: when a woman is wearing Rouje, we notice her first, then what she’s wearing.

Jeanne Damas.

Jeanne Damas is known for her allure. But at Rouje, she’s anything but a muse. As the Creative director, she’s the eye of the brand. She sets the tone, chooses between puffy or long sleeves, shares her vision, her inspirations. With her friends and the talents she likes to work with, she makes Rouje a sincere, free and open-minded brand.

A studio.

The perfect cuts and a taste for beautiful fabrics… Nothing would be possible without the savoir-faire of the studio. Stylists and technicians create tomorrow’s collections, by choosing the best ateliers to work with - and make Jeanne Damas’ dreams come to life.


A 40s inspired coat, a 60s dress, a jumpsuit just like in the 80s… Jeanne Damas’ taste for vintage inspires the collections. She makes every Rouje piece timeless, made to last and be cherished, no matter what the current trend is.

A universe.

What’s la vie en Rouje about? Putting lipstick with your fingers, adjusting your skirt to give your legs some sunshine while “en terrasse” at a café. Wearing a dress on a bicycle and jeans for a night out. Surrounding yourself with beautiful souls and witty friends. And missing the métro stop because that book is just too good.


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